Laser Cutting

Our state-of-the-art LaserTube LT5 fibre laser tube cutters provide many benefits over traditional cutting methods, including improved precision, better edge quality and the ability to cut complex shapes.

Laser cutting also results in lower work-piece contamination, which is essential for many industries.

Higher cutting speeds provide lower costs and better throughput.  Contact us with your requirements today.


The company has a purpose built cutting shop that contains a bank of modern state of the art fully automatic and semi-automatic saws as well as handsaw and bandsaw cutting.

The automatic machines have in-line de-burring and washing facilities with stand alone de-burring and washing machines also available.

All machines have the ability to hold exceedingly tight tolerances (+/- 0.15mm) on diameters ranging from 6mm – 153mm with cut lengths on the automatic saws up to 355,6mm.

Fast changeovers allow flexibility to meet customers demand for a just in time service and cost effectiveness to encompass small and large sized volumes.


To compliment our existing range of stock based products and the UKF Group capabilities, UKF has set up a dedicated manufacturing company, The Joint Perforating Company, which specialises in the manufacture of interrupted perforated tubes. Offering a full service across the whole UKF Group.

The process perforates pre-formed tube in one operation, saving time, costs and providing an end result that also visually enhances the product. This combination makes JPC the preferred choice within the automotive and domestic appliance markets.

Using the latest manufacturing technology, JPC provides effective perforating in a variety of materials including; stainless steel, titanium, mild steel and aluminised zinc coated steel from 38mm to 101.60mm outside diameter in lengths up to 750mm long.

The innovative tool design also allows tube perforation in various patterns that can be tailored to our individual client’s requirements.


A bigger demand is being received for the supply of manipulated components that the customer can buy fit for purpose on a just in time basis.

As a result a sizeable investment has been made into this area with the company also having its own tool-room that is able to provide the manipulation department with technical expertise whilst also producing our own in-house tooling quickly and cost effectively.

Manipulation is offered in the form of simple expansion of the tube ends to complex shapes using notching, piercing, cruxiforming and many more methods.

In addition the company is able to supply bent components using either CNC or press bending technology.


We have our own in-house polishing facility that enables a quick reaction to the supply of polished tube.

With a purpose built multi-head polishing machine it is possible to supply the complete range of finishes from a dull 180 grit to a super mirror 600 grit.

The polishing service can accommodate any length of tube whether it be small specialist components or full 6 metre lengths. Any diameter of tube can be polished from 12mm to 127mm with the polishing of round bar also being available.